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My name is Katarzyna, but you can call me Kasia. I’m a trained and licensed Music Together® teacher and center director. It would be my joy to guide you and your kids on your musical journey!

I come from Poland, but I’ve been living abroad since 2010, first in Italy, now in Germany. I’m a professional musician, graduated from the Vocal and Acting Studies Department of The Chopin University of Music in Warsaw. I’ve performed many operatic roles in different theaters, recently focusing mostly on contemporary repertoire.


I’m also a mom of two wonderful boys. With the older one I’ve participated in Music Together® classes when he was 2 years old- that’s when I fell in love with their mission and philosophy. I strongly believe that music is for everyone and I know for sure that all children can learn to dance and sing, just as naturally as they learn to walk and talk. That’s why I decided to become a Music Together® teacher myself! 

Please note: I will speak in English during class and songbooks & recordings are in English or in the original language songs were written in. Translations of written materials are available. As Music Together is a music and not a language program, classes are led in a way that makes it easy for all to participate, regardless of the language spoken in the home.

Questions, doubts, suggestions?
I'm all ears!
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